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Your health is important to us. As a customer of Barmenia health insurance, you can benefit from a wide range of services from Barmenia and excellent partners. About pregnancy, childbirth, psychological problems, back pain, cancer, general health issues, and care … Here you will find a contact person and/or health programs that can help you.
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Household insurance

With household contents insurance, you protect your household effects against damage caused by fire, burglary, robbery, and vandalism, as well as damage to tap water and storms. You determine the scope of services with your decision for basic, top, or premium protection. Simply compare the benefits on the following page and calculate your contribution.

Liability Insurance

Why does private liability insurance make sense? Often a single second of neglect is enough and an accident has happened. You drop a friend's expensive laptop or are already thinking about the upcoming work day and overlook a cyclist when crossing the street, who falls while swerving and is seriously injured. A brief moment of inattention can have long-term financial consequences, as you are legally liable for the damage caused. This can quickly lead to claims for damages amounting to several million euros. A personal liability insurance is therefore without question one of the most important private insurances and belongs in every household.

animal liability insurance

Why does animal owner liability make sense? The reason is obvious: as the owner of an animal, you are liable for any damage caused by your animal. Therefore, in some federal states, the conclusion of a pet owner's liability insurance is already required by law. But regardless of whether it is mandatory or not, a degree is recommended to every dog and horse owner. Because depending on the damage, you can face high claims for damages. Starting with a simple sheet metal damage, which can cost several thousand euros, to personal injury, for which several million euros may be required.


Barmenia is also aware that economic success, social responsibility and ecological awareness are investments in future viability. That is why the entire corporate policy is based on the principle of sustainability and combines economic action with the promotion of stable social and ecological framework conditions – entirely in the interests of a society that should live from earnings and not from substance.

Ali Tajfirooz
Insurance specialist (IHK)

Thank you for taking the time to look at insurance. I know that is not always easy. And it’s not always easy to find the right advisor. But with me – I assure you – you are in good hands. Why? Quite simply: My primary goal is to satisfy you, to advise you comprehensively and reliably. You are the focus. Your needs, wishes and goals give me the framework to determine the right products for you. Insurance that gives you the security you need to enjoy your life without any ifs or buts! Benefit from my specialist knowledge and my enthusiasm for all questions relating to insurance and pensions. I am here for you.

Insurance specialist (IHK)

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Insurance specialist (IHK)

Barmenians support the "Christian Hospice Foundation Wuppertal"

Today the CEO of Barmenia Insurance, Dr. Andreas Eurich, on behalf of all Barmenians, made a donation of 10,017.33 euros to the Christian Hospice Foundation in Wuppertal. The symbolically presented check was accepted by Susanne Bossy, chairwoman of the foundation and Jennifer Thielen, head of the inpatient hospice in Dönberg. A total of 905 employees at Barmenia in the office and in the field contributed to the remaining cent donation and waived their net cent amounts below the decimal point of the monthly payroll for a year. The retained cents of EUR 5,017.33 were increased by a company donation of EUR 5,000 at the end of the year.

The “Remaining Cent Donation – Barmenians Help” campaign has been running since July 2014 and was already a complete success in the first few months. “I am proud that so many of our employees take part in donating the remaining cent,” says Andreas Eurich. “With their spare cents, everyone who takes part takes on social responsibility together.” The Barmenians suggest which non-profit organizations should be supported in the future and then vote on the suggestions. With over 40%, the hospice prevailed against four other projects among the Barmenians.

Barmenia Insurance is characterized by a high level of social competence, not only in terms of employees and customers but also in terms of sustainable commitment to the general public, the citizens. The Wuppertal insurer supports a wide range of projects in the areas of social issues, culture, art, and science.

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