Filigree Bowl Nuts

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Nutritional nuts are used both ornamental and functional.

Gourmet nougat is a fine-grained, silver-coated, fine-grained, yet highly durable finish. You can use gourmet nuggets to serve your guests with a variety of snacks, such as cookies, sweets, chocolates, nuts, and more.

This product can be considered as one of the most elegant handicrafts that adorns home decoration.

 This product of Isfahan Tapestry with Silver Covers gives a special effect to your decor.

This service is made of copper, on which the nickel casing and ultimately silver plating are done.

The Nail Nourishing Service is one of the most beautiful and industrious products of Iranian artists that has both decorative aspects, both a consumable for personal use, an extremely luxurious service for welcoming guests and a very valuable gift as a gift.

In this service for the base connection The body is made of iron.

You can wash it if needed, but do not use a strong detergent. Despite its high strength, any impact and pressure can cause serious damage to it.

Note: Due to the hand-crafted process that leads to any product, your custom product, in terms of role-playing, drawings and style, may not fit 100% of the product provided on the site, and is about 10% different.


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