nlay Backgammon & Chess: Chogan

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Backgammon and chess are a great deal of work for fans of chess. The game of chess on a page that has been the result of the efforts of Isfahan artists is a thousand times that of excitement, and you, in addition to the pleasure of the game, are immersed in the beautiful world of miniature art designers.

 In addition, we also have a superstar to play backgammon!

The interior box of this beautiful box is a backgammon game that delivers the same high-quality, elegant and beautiful look.

For this product, a backgammon assembly and two dice can also be provided, which is designed to match the product on it.

 The collection consists of 16 black beads and 16 beaded beads that have been put into them in the form of an intricately decorated star, along with 32 wooden chess pieces

The process of making backgammon and chess making work is such that at first its skeleton is prepared by high quality wood beech, and then the cushioning and cementing are carried out on the workshop and sent to the miniature paintings.

Finally, after the final process, polyester is returned to work, it is ready to be ready after drying.

As it turned out, this product has come a long way in reaching the hands of art, which you will surely appreciate.

 The narrow strips with cross-sectional triangles of different shapes, such as bones, rice alloys and colored wood, together form geometrical shapes of rhizomes or parallel planes in the cross-section, which, by cutting and bridging these shapes, it comes.

The triangles used in the quartet are more and more delicate, and ultimately work better.

Chips that use more rice alloys will be of superior quality due to their politeness and strength.

Note: Due to the hand-crafted process that leads to any product, your custom product, in terms of role-playing, drawings, may not fit 100% of the product provided on the site, and is about 10% different.


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