Turquoise Wine Cup Set

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Decorative tray with 6 wine Cup and container with lid

The tray is delicately embossed and the turquoise type of Neyshabur turquoise, which is the finest turquoise, and guarantees 5 years.

It has 4 layers of German polyester, which has the ability to heat and moisture. Its surface is very smooth and flat with metal.

Copper is about 93% pure.

Second and third grade goods are from Damghan and Kerman, and the level of turquoise and metal is not the same level – the surface of the turquoise is not smooth and prominent.

This product is one of the culprits of elegance and love in the art of Isfahan.

This first-grade product is a 5 year’s personal identification card with a warranty.

Note: Due to the hand-crafted process that leads to any product, your custom product, in terms of role-playing, drawings and style, may not fit 100% of the product provided on the site, and is about 10% different.


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